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Our services

Some of the services that Pad, Foot and Paws provide
Go to Dog walking

Dog walking

Dog walking at very reasonable rates in a wide variety of beautiful and stimulating locations, including woodland, lakeside walks and parkland.

Go to Small animal boarding

Small animal boarding

Leave your beloved pet with us while you are away. They will receive the care and attention that they would expect if at home.

Go to Care at home

Care at home

Leave your pets in the comfort of their own home and we’ll call round and do it all for you.

Go to Veterinary appointments

Veterinary appointments

Need a trip to the vets? We can take you and your pet, or if you are at work, we’ll do the running around for you. Need your pet running to the grooming salon? We can do that as well.

About us

The best for your companion

Pad, Foot and Paws supplies a much needed bespoke dog walking and small animal sitting service within the Bury area. That's not all though. Other services range from home visits while you are at work or away, to transporting your pet to veterinary appointments or the grooming salon. With over 20 years of experience with dogs, cats and other small furry animals, along with many exotic animals such as snakes, lizards and arachnids, you will know that your pet is in capable hands.

Meet the team


Big boss lady
Animal lover. Dog walker. Snake handler. The heart, mind and driving force behind Pad, Foot and Paws. Read about Debbie’s animal history.


The dog’s second favourite person. The snake’s favourite person. Biker. Musician. IT guy.

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