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Covid-19 Update

It is with sadness and regret that following the prime minister’s announcement this evening, we now feel that the responsible thing to do is to suspend all of Pad, Foot & Paws services for the next three weeks to support social distancing and to help reduce the spread of corvid-19.

We will be closely following government announcements as they happen and will make amendments to our services as and when we are able.

We will keep you all informed of all changes by email, social media and messaging services.

To those who have generously offered to continue to pay towards our services, or offered a retainer in the interim, we cannot thank you enough. As a small business it means the difference between suspension and closure.

We will miss you and your fabulous pups over the next few weeks, so please send some pupdates, or it may just take us over the edge!

We hope to see you all fit and well once this is all over

Stay safe
Deb, Si and Dom

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