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Corvid-19 Continuity Planning

Afternoon All,

As the coronavirus corvid-19 is beginning to affect travel and work we decided it was the right time to contact you all with our business continuity plan.

Dominique and I will continue to operate all services to clients unless the government or councils advise otherwise or we develop symptoms ourselves.

On collecting and returning dogs to their homes, we will use contamination prevention methods such as hand washing, hand sanitiser and disposable gloves. We would ask that where you are home, contact between owners and ourselves is kept to a minimum and we will be using our own leads.

If you or any family members have recently returned from any countries, locations or events that have had cases confirmed or have been advised to self-isolate because of possible contact with an infected person, you MUST inform us immediately.

We will be unable to provide services to any client that is displaying symptoms of the virus, as we enter several client homes throughout the day and will not put ourselves or other clients at risk.

If your workplace has advised, or you have decided to work from home as a simple precaution, in an attempt to reduce the risk of been exposed to the virus but are otherwise fit and well, we shall still be able to continue to provide services.

As a small business and as self-employed individuals, we would appreciate it if you could still book in for your usual walks/day services even if you do choose to work from home.

The virus, travel cancellations and home working have already had a huge impact on the business and several travel companies and airlines are cancelling holidays which then results in bookings with us being cancelled at short notice. As we are unable to fill the spaces to make up for any loss, we ask that all clients with holidays booked with us to inform us of any changes as soon as you become aware.

If your holiday is cancelled and you do have to cancel boarding bookings with us, please check if you can claim from your insurance for your planned booking with us. We will be unable to refund deposits; as per our Terms of Service these are non-refundable. However, as a goodwill gesture at this time, we would be willing to transfer your deposit to a different date should you wish to rebook with us.

Where the full amount is due when not cancelled with two weeks’ notice and the full amount becomes payable, but you are unable to claim via insurance, we will look at each case individually and where possible transfer the remaining balance to different dates.

This is a very difficult situation for us to deal with as we rely on our bookings to make a living and even just a couple of clients cancelling can really hit us hard. We appreciate the situation is not good for any of us and having holiday plans cancelled is disappointing. We will do our very best to work through this together.

If Dominique or I become ill and have to self-isolate, we shall inform you immediately and suggest other walkers that could cover any walks in our absence.

The situation and advice regarding the virus is changing daily and we shall continue to monitor this and make changes to our continuity plan as and when.

We hope you understand and we thank you for your continued support.

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