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Sleep Tight Millie

Today is a sad day at Pad Foot and Paws, as we learned that Millie crossed Rainbow Bridge on Saturday.

Treat please – Millie’s winning smile

Millie was a sprightly 15-year-old when I first met her. A beautiful Parsons/Jack Russel cross, with a real zest for life. She loved her walks, though not as much in the rain, and loved her treats even more.

Millie also loved her home comforts and expected nothing short of the red-carpet treatment, which of course she got when she came for her weekend stays! Millie always got the biggest bed and the softest cushions, which she didn’t like to share.


She often relegated Grandad Zack to the floor, which of course, as the gentleman he is, he never complained.

Sadly, over the last year Millie slowed down quite a bit, she still enjoyed her walks, but at a more leisurely pace. She stopped to sniff every blade of grass and every fallen leaf, and why shouldn’t she!

Just one more sniff

She survived a stroke and plodded on quite happily with all the love and attention her beloved mum could give her. Sadly, after a second stroke on Saturday, it was decided that Millie was too tired to fight on, and so her mum made the most difficult, but kindest decision, to let Millie Sleep.

It has been an honour and a privilege to have been given the opportunity to walk and care for Millie over the past two years and we are going to miss her very much.

We love you Millie

Sleep well Millie, on the biggest softest cushion that there is, on Rainbow Bridge. Lots of love from me and all your friends

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