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Happy dog

We finally did it!

We saw a gap.

One that our expertise and love of animals could help to fill. Dog walking, pet sitting, home boarding and pet transport.

Everything in the area either seemed to be a franchise, or a “card in the local shop” type operation. At one end, you might get personal service but without the support or consistency, and at the other end, a large, maybe faceless company, but with the support network required.

We wanted the best of both worlds.

Just imagine the personal touch of the dog walker you called from the card in the chippy, combined with the security of a limited company with over £1m in insurance cover, fully DBS checked, experienced staff, and a consistent, professional service.

Yes, we took the plunge and started up Pad, Foot and Paws.

It’s taken a while. Company registration, website design, stationary, policies and procedures, legal stuff, insurance, financial details; it all takes time. That’s all done now though.

The car’s been sold. The van is being sign-written and fitted. It’s all taking off.

We received our first bookings within hours of launch – the response from Facebook has already been incredible. That’s even before we’ve done any real advertising.

We might be a limited company, but we are still primarily a family operation. We put everything down in writing for both our benefit and yours – we just want to do it right first time.

Have a look around the website. If there’s anything we can do for you, just let us know. If there’s something that you need that isn’t on the site, still let us know, and we’ll see what we can do to sort that out.

We just want to say thanks for the support of those around us. We know this has been a big step, but the results are going to be huge.

By the way, Zack said “hi”


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