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Pad Foot and Paws is expanding

I am happy to announce that from 20th January 2020 Pad Foot and Paws will have a new human joining the pack.

Hello Dom!

Dom (Sunday name Dominique) is an absolutely fabulous human and a real animal lover. In her childhood she had a number of family pets, including a number of dogs, Japanese akitas, German shepherds Bud and Max and a rottweiler named Rose to name just a few. Less commonly Dom’s family pets extended to horses, sheep and cows on her Grandmothers farm, African parrots, rats, mice and a corn snake.

Our Brucey Bonus

Since leaving home and now having a little human of her own, Dom’s love for animals hasn’t stopped. Dom has had a number of fur babies, including hamsters, a doberman called Ruby, a cat called Maddie (who most definitely is in charge in the household) and now has a beautiful 9 month old springer spaniel called Bruce, who is far too cute for his own good.

In the coming weeks, Dom will be joining me on a number of walks. She has already been helping me with a few of the local walks and is fabulous with the dogs she has met. In fact, I’m slightly jealous that she is getting some of my doggy attention.

For the immediate future Dom and I will be doing walks jointly and together will take up to a maximum of 6 dogs (three each) on our walks, while Dom continues to build experience and takes on some required training.

I hope you will all continue to support us. As always, your pets are our top priority and will continue to receive all the love, care and attention they deserve, as if they were our own.

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